The drama That Winter, the Wind Blows is a drama released in the year 2013. The drama is quite old yet gold. Every time you watch the drama, it will give you a happy vibe and is refreshing. Kim Kyu Tae directs the drama. The screenwriting is handling by Noh Hee Kyung. The drama revolves around a handsome boy and a beautiful blind girl. The girl doesn’t believe in love. Oh Soo is an orphan. He is heartbroken when his first love dies. He is someone who is living an aimless life, and he is a high stake gambler. The winning probability of his gambling is 99.9%. Oh Young is a lonely heiress & also visually impaired. There is no family of her, and she is lonely all by herself.

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They both met each other và got khổng lồ know the true meaning of love. The drama is one of the most popular ones of that time as it has that typical romance plot which is loved by most of the audience. When it comes khổng lồ the rating of this drama, we will give it a 7.5. The rating is not boring; the story is refreshing, the acting và everything is on point. For some people, the plot may seem typical, which is a drawback. The drama is available to watch on Netflix, VIKI, và Apple Tv. The series is also known as Wind Blows in winter, Baramibunda.

There is a total of 16 episodes. Each episode has a run time of 1 hour 5 min. The genre of the drama revolves around Romance, Drama, và Melodrama. It was originally released on the SBS network. The drama is mediocre when it comes to length as it is not too short & not too long. This makes it interesting khổng lồ watch. The series is based on a Japanese drama name Forget Love.

Star Cast of That Winter, The Wind Blows

The drama That Winter, the Wind Blows is an old Korean drama released in the year 2020. It revolves around a typical love story. The actors who are starring in the drama are Jo In Sung as Oh Soo, tuy vậy Hye Kyo as Oh Young, Kim Bum as Park Jin Sung, Jung Eun Ji as Moon Hee Sun. They all played a major role in the drama as they are the lead actors & actresses of the series. The series revolves around them and the love story of Oh Young and Oh Soo.

The last category of roles is unknown who just have some scene & no major effect on the plot. The actor who plays unknown roles is Ha Yong Jin.

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Synopsis of the drama

The drama That Winter, the Wind Blows is a typical love story that revolves around a pair who doesn’t believe in love at first. The story revolves around Oh Soo, who is an abundant kid. He is left alone by his mother & later adopted by the Park Jin Sung family. Park Jin Sung raised him & gave him a family. He is a gambler who gambles in the neighborhood of Cheongdam. Also, it is shown he is a heartbroken man who doesn’t care about anybody. He just gambles around, và the winning probability of his trò chơi is 99.9%. He became such a heartless jerk because his first love died. After this one day, his friend who has the same name dies unexpectedly. Soo is put beside the bars.

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After a year, he meets a lawyer name Jung Sung. He is the one looking for decease Oh Soo, she is the heir of the PL group. Soo tries to lớn put his hand on this opportunity. He cons the heir of PL group. He uses him to lớn pay depth. Another instance is shown where gangster Jo Moo Cheol gave him an ultimatum of 3 months either to lớn pay the rent, or he will die. Soo starts falling in love with Oh Young. He fell into a lover when he was acting as a deceased brother who is separated after her parent’s divorce. Overall they fell into some unexpected love and have developed a feeling for each other.


Oh Soo wakes up as the doorbell rang, và he sees a woman standing outside. Oh Young introduces herself. Soo Ho doesn’t recognize her as he is meeting her for the first time. She asks him about who he is, he replies, as Oh Soo. At that moment he realise4s she is talking about another Soo. He tells her that her brother is in the institute và will come back after 3 pm. This is how these two meet each other. After this incident, Oh Soo goes for sleeping. He wakes up after the nap sees Oh Young is still there. Also, he asks her to lớn read the letter written by her brother. At that moment, he realizes that she is blind, và Oh Soo now realizes that she is blind. He takes her outside of the hotel and reads the letter to lớn her.

Oh Young comes to know that her father just pass away & she goes back. Also, this scene comes to the scene when Oh Soo is in prison và So- Ra comes to lớn visit her. After a year, Soo is out. Oh Soo doesn’t have any place to lớn live nor money lớn spend. He is in the dilemma of what to lớn do. Soo Ho swindles with Oh Young & acts as her elder brother. This way, he can pay the debt khổng lồ the don, và he can live peacefully. In the process of acting up & all, he falls in love with Oh Young. The love blossoms all the way along, and this to lớn witness in the story of That Winter, the Wind Blows.

Final Verdict

The drama That Winter, The Wind Blows, revolves around a refreshing love story of a duo. The plot is quite refreshing as it is a đáng yêu love story with some ups & downs. The drama direction is well-coordinated, & the screenwriting is handled flawlessly. The acting part is great too. If you are going khổng lồ find lô ghích in the drama, then there is no use. The one point to lớn watch the drama is Kim Bum. He is worth being on the screen.

If you want this drama, you can surely think of this as an option as you will not get bored especially if you are someone who is into lãng mạn series.