List of major grocery stores & hypermarkets, or chain supermarkets to lớn know in Vietnam. Both expats and Vietnamese spend a lot of time và money on grocery shopping daily. The average Vietnamese spend about VND 250.000 on groceries shopping weekly. There are plenty of supermarkets và grocery stores in Vietnam which most of them are located in Hanoi và Ho bỏ ra Minh City và bigger towns.

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Foreign branded supermarkets & convenience stores such as KFC, Family mart & Circle K with mini-supermarket models have been raised in recent years which makes it easier for shopping. Talking about bigger supermarkets và or shopping malls, chợ giao thương big c is currently leading in terms of quantity with the number of 35 supermarkets, Mega Mall with 19 grocery stores followed by Lottle supermarket with 13 và finally the, Aeon brand from nhật bản with 4 supermarkets.

In addition, commercial centers & retail supermarkets are increasing in Vietnam due to lớn the trend of international economic demands. Not only domestic enterprises invest heavily in consumer retail stored và market but also foreign enterprises. As a result, large supermarkets or large retail branches in Vietnam have also increased in big cities such as Ho đưa ra Minh City, Hanoi, Danang and Binh Duong.


In 2018, foreign supermarkets focused on investing in opening more grocery stored in Vietnam. In the first 6 months of the year in a large cities such as Hanoi & Ho đưa ra Minh city it was 509 mini supermarkets và convenient stores of brands of Family Mart, B’s mart, Circle K, shop & Go, was opened. However, according to lớn many financial experts, the number of convenience stores and mini supermarkets in Vietnam is still not significant compared khổng lồ the population.

Lotte Center: Supermarket và grocery store và Department store and shopping center in Hanoi, Vietnam

Lotte department store is a 65-story building can be reached from Hoan Kiem Lake in about đôi mươi minutes. Lotte Shopping Center Hanoi, a hypermarket, a hotel, residential apartments, restaurants, a gym, a spa làm đẹp and the most elegant observation deck in the city. Lotte Center Hanoi offers a wide range of approximately 250 fashion and lifestyle brands. This one-stop shopping place provides enough entertainment and restaurant options that you could easily spend half a day here.


On the first floor is the hypermarket; the second floor are dedicated to imported fashion stores, watches, jewelry và cosmetic products; the third floor is dedicated to women’s fashion, shoes and bags and cosmetic products for young people; the fourth floor, casual wear, jeans & unisex, lingerie and casual watches; On the fifth floor you will find men’s fashion & sports và golf, while appliances & furniture are sold on the sixth floor. The observation deck on the 65th floor offers incredible photo opportunities, as it offers stunning panoramic views of the thành phố of Hanoi.

In addition, if you’re looking for shopping for brand names clothes, shoes & newly arrival electronic devices. Landmark 81, Parkson & Diamond Plaza are two most popular department stores to lớn refer in Ho bỏ ra Minh City. And, for Hanoi, Vincom, Trang Tien Plaza, Grand Plaza, the Manor as well as Parkson are places lớn go for shopping.

Vietnam’s Lotte Mart is a supermarket system of Lotte Department Store, a subsidiary of Korea’s famous Lotte Group. Lotte Mart Shopping Mall has been present in four Asian countries such as Korea, Indonesia, đài loan trung quốc and Vietnam. As of December 2016, 293 shopping centers were built in a modern and beautiful style, suitable lớn the tastes và shopping needs of consumers. Lotte Mart has built in Vietnam around 13 large and medium-sized commercial centers with a commitment khổng lồ selling unique products and products khổng lồ users và constantly innovating in all aspects, bringing good things. Best for customers.

Big C is a well known hypermarkets including supermarket and grocery stores in Vietnam. The big c brand with its locations in Hanoi, Ho đưa ra Minh City, Hue, Danang, Vinh city, phái nam Dinh & Vinh Phuc. Usually, chợ giao thương big c hypermarkets are located in the outskirt of the cities. Most expats as well as Vietnamese prefer big c for shopping since the items are vary và the prices are reasonable, however, the big c stores are usually jammed so if you are heading for grocery shopping or generally for shopping in Big C, you should avoid early hours in the evening & the weekends.


Big C is a supermarket system operating in the mã sản phẩm of hypermarkets or trade with store centers in Vietnam. This is a size of retail business being implemented in many countries around the world. In April 2016, chợ giao thương big c supermarket system was successfully acquired & legally acquired by Central Group of vương quốc nụ cười under an international transfer agreement with French Casino Group. Central Group is undoubtedly the leading regional retail group established in 1947 starting a small shop in thủ đô bangkok thái lan run by the Tiang Chirathivat family. Later, it grew khổng lồ become a commercial center, hypermarkets spread over đôi mươi provinces. Chợ giao thương big c mainly trades 50,000 items (95% of which are manufactured in Vietnam), with about 8,000 employees employed, they have served more than 35 million customers to shop every year. Big c always sets the goal of customer satisfaction through tireless efforts on difficult problems related khổng lồ price – quality – service.

Supermarkets and grocery stores are like flavor for the mouth, they are pretty much everywhere & are easy khổng lồ be find, just walk out of your office or trang chủ and you will find one nearby within a walking distance. The prices for items you see in the grocery stores and convenience stores in Vietnam are a bit higher compare khổng lồ same items in hypermarkets. However, some of the most famous convenient store names in Vietnam are: Intimex, Co.opmart, Vinmart & Citimart, Circke K and LS’ Place. All those convenient stores và supermarkets in Vietnam offer more or less similar items & good for shopping. VinMart, Circle K & LS’aplace offer membership card, with which you earn points to get deduction on the next shopping.

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Convenience stores in Vietnam are competing with street vendors and roadside stalls as well as traditional markets that can be find at every quarter. Circle K, Vinmart +, Family Marts are a few of the supermarkets & convenient grocery stores you may find in Vietnam. Circle K is open 24 hours while others are mở cửa till 10 pm. In addition, there has been long discussion about opening a famous brand of 7/11 in Vietnam. This Convenience chain offering grab-&-go bites và beverages, plus assorted newsstand items. Currently there are few branch of 7/11 operating only in Ho đưa ra Minh City & maybe in next coming years we will see them in Hanoi and other major cities in Vietnam as well.


VinMart is a retail brand belonging to lớn Vingroup of Vietnam. VinMart supermarkets are quite large with an area of ​​over 10,000 square meters. At VinMart, there are 40,000 items of all categories such as cosmetics, food, electronics, household appliances, fashion apparel, toys và much more. All consumer purchasing needs will be met perfectly by the VinMart supermarket system. Besides, mini supermarkets và convenience stores VinMart + will have a smaller scale with an area of ​​about 1,000 square meters và full of all essential goods. Goods will be arranged in the most convenient location for customer shopping with chất lượng nothing khổng lồ complain. This is one of the largest retail supermarkets in Vietnam.

Hanoi & Ho bỏ ra Minh thành phố has more than enough shopping malls lớn suit all kinds of lifestyles, lượt thích and budgets of pretty much everyone. For the best shopping experiences in terms of diversity of items, clothes & also in terms of location of shopping malls in the thành phố center và the ease of moving. However, shopping malls in vietnam, as we see them back in west, are relatively new idea in Vietnam. Almost of them are include a hypermarket, a supermarket, a department store, a CGV cinema và convenient stores for easy shopping. Lotte department store is one good sample for the shopping malls in Vietnam.

AEON mall is known as one of the largest retail trade groups in the world with a total of 179 domestic & foreign joint ventures in Japan. In 1758, AEON was established with a history spanning over 250 years. Currently, there are 4 AEON Mall in Vietnam & in Hanoi, Binh Duong và Ho bỏ ra Minh thành phố respectively. AEON was brought the biggest & largest supermarket systemic in Vietnam with its best service, infrastructure is proper investment. AEON Group maintains a sustainable commitment khổng lồ always phối the criteria “Customer first” during its operation. The basic principle of this corporation is towards a prosperous, peaceful society through retail activities. AEON has gained customers’ trust as well as expanding business not only in japan but also in many other countries in Asia such as Vietnam for a long time.

Co.opmart or Co.op Mart / Coopmart is a retail supermarket system belonging to the consortium of Ho đưa ra Minh city trade cooperatives (Saigon Co.op) of Vietnam, currently a business with many The most supermarket in Vietnam, of which there are 84 supermarkets covering Vietnam. Initially, from its first supermarket in Vietnam, Co.opmart quickly developed and then spread & became a reliable shopping place for thousands of consumers in the city. Today, Co.opmart has truly transformed into a “modern and civilized market” covering the whole country. With 32 supermarkets in Saigon, 6 supermarkets in the North, 15 supermarkets in the Central region, in the Southeast there are 4 supermarkets, Southwest 18 and 4 supermarkets in the Central Highlands. Co.opmart Cong Quynh is the first supermarket established on February 9, 1996 at 189C, Cong Quynh, Nguyen Cu Trinh Ward, District 1, Ho bỏ ra Minh City.

The birth of Co.opmart Cong Quynh has erased the psychology of everyone about a “stagnant, saggy & small cooperative”, marking a turning point that helps Co.opmart more confidence lớn affirm its ability. Success in the field of retail today. The customers here are the middle-income population, the workers & employees are the majority force in the society.

Metro, also known as Mega Market & grocery store in Vietnam (formerly METRO Cash và Carry Vietnam), has 19 retail centers operating throughout the country, with 3 supermarkets in Ho đưa ra Minh City, 3 supermarkets in Hanoi, 1 at Bien Hoa, Vung Tau, Binh Duong, Can Tho, Quy Nhon, Long Xuyen, da Nang, hai Phong, Nha Trang, Vinh Ha Long, Buon Ma Thuot, Rach Gia và Ha Dong . MM Mega Market has a workforce of more than 5,000 employees, becoming one of the abundant employers in Vietnam. Accordingly, they will make breakthrough changes in all aspects, from improving the image of the shopping center to arranging centers, developing new products, & promoting control of security. Food hygiene và safety by committing that the goods sold in supermarkets are domestic, with clear origins.

Emart is known as the first hypermarket of Vietnam by the end of năm ngoái at 168 Phan Van Tri Street, Ward 5, Go Vap District, Ho chi Minh City, belonging to lớn Korea’s leading retail group. The supermarket has a total investment of up lớn 60 million USD, of which the used area is about 11,900 square meters, the actual construction area is 19,700 square meters. Emart promises to lớn bring a modern và convenient shopping environment with clean và hygienic sản phẩm display areas, as well as specializing in providing the best quality grocery products in Vietnam, the best preferential prices. For customers. In addition khổng lồ displaying products và goods, Emart also integrates a lot of gadgets such as a children’s entertainment area, a number of food restaurants, followed by health care, services. Attractive first appeared in Vietnam.

Lanchi Mart supermarkets belongs lớn Lan bỏ ra Company of Vietnam, a company founded in 1995, starting from a small & medium enterprise, they perform the distribution of consumer goods in the western area of Hanoi. During đôi mươi years of operation, with the depth of experience, customer service and quality grocery products, up khổng lồ the present time, Lan đưa ra Company has become one of the systematic distributors. The most professional & large-scale distribution network in the North. Hoping in an open future, they will become strategic partners of famous companies in the world such as Unilever, Dutch Lady, Calofic và many others. Lanchi Mart is being built with the goal of providing the best experience for customers in terms of grocery stores and local supermarket in Vietnam.

Sakura International Vietnam is a grocery store chain specializes in the distribution of domestic goods originating from japan such as consumer goods, baby goods, cosmetic products, some household appliances, electronic equipment, electronics và many more. For many years on the Vietnamese market. Sakura Vietnam has 9 supermarket chains in Hanoi, established in September 2011 with its predecessor named Sakura Baby Shop, which came into operation in November 2011 at a store on the second floor of the central. Garden Commercial Center, Me Tri, Tu Liem, Hanoi. The company is committed to all products are 100% Japanese domestic goods. Consumers’ trust & confidence in Sakura has grown & become a driving force for them to lớn strive for sustainable development, constantly improving.

SUMMARY: The super markets in Vietnam are becoming larger và more diverse. That is an opportunity and also a great challenge for business people to invest. Above are the đứng đầu largest retail supermarkets in Vietnam. In addition, if you’re looking for Inspiration & not sure where khổng lồ go in Vietnam? Let us try to inspire you with our expert knowledge on how to plan travel to Vietnam