The Lunar New Year in Vietnam (also known as Vietnamese New Year, Tet Holiday or Tet) officially takes place for 3 days, from 1st to 3rd of January of the lunar calendar. However, before và after Tet, there are many important Ceremonies including the New Year Eve Welcoming Ceremony (Vietnamese: Lễ đón giao thừa). The ceremony happens at 12 pm on December 30th (a full month) or 29th (a missing month) of the lunar calendar.

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The New Year’s Eve time point is the one contiguous between the old year và the new year. According to lớn the folk belief of the East Asian people, every year there is a god responsible for managing the human world’s affairs. At New Year’s Eve time point, the old god handed over the responsibility to lớn the new god. On this occasion, people carry out New Year’s Eve Welcoming Ceremony to see off the old god & welcome the old god.


Offerings for the New Year Eve Welcoming Ceremony consists of

-A boiled yellow young rooster

-Square Glutinous rice cake (Vietnamese: bánh chưng, available in North)

-Cylindric glutinous rice cake (Vietnamese: bánh tét, available in Central và South )

-Sticky rice with momordica cochinchinensis (Vietnamese: trái gấc, one of special fruit grown in South East Asia, especially in Vietnam. The local people usually use the ripe fruits for cooking sticky rice)

-Five-fruit tray

-Betel và areca

-Rice alcohol


-Incense và lamp

Depending on the locality, the offerings are slightly different, as long as the family is sincere. The family sets a table in front of the house and lay the offerings out. Besides the offering tray for God and Buddha… told above, the family also prepares the tray for the ancestor. This tray is put inside the house và the family can offer anything they have, not Obligatory. Finishing the preparation, the homeowner proceeds the ceremony.

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The homeowner burns 3 incense sticks, put on the forehead and prays,

“Dear God, Buddhas, Fairies, Saints và Gods.

Now is the time point contiguous between the year of… & the year of… the controlling god (the god responsible for the human world for a year) of … replaces the controlling god of … I am…My address … We invite you to lớn come khổng lồ enjoy the small party. Please help us get lớn have adequate food & clothing, happiness và success in the new year.”

The prayer is complete, the homeowner nods 3 times and puts the incense sticks in the incensory on the table. After that, he goes into the house to lớn offer the ancestor. During the party, the homeowner pours tea water 1 time, then pours alcohol 3 times. Waiting for the incense sticks burn completely, the homeowner burns the votive. The New Year Eve Welcoming Ceremony finishes.

The New Year Eve Welcoming Ceremony is not only done at trang chủ but also at village temples, pagodas or companies. Depending on the location, the nội dung of the prayer is varied accordingly.