Portugal beat Argentina 2-1 in Kaunas with two Pany Varela goals to win their first Futsal World Cup.

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Portugal beat holders Argentina 2-1 in Kaunas to win their first FIFA Futsal World Cup.

Pany Varela gave Portugal a half-time lead in the final and struck again in the 28th minute. Ángel Claudino immediately pulled one back but Portugal held on to lớn become the first reigning chungchimamnonhcm.edu.vn Futsal triệu euro champions lớn triumph at the World Cup. The trophy was lifted by Portugal captain Ricardinho, who was named player of the tournament, in what were his ninth major finals, ahead of Pany and Kazakhstan"s Douglas Junior.

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On their way to their first World Cup final, Portugal had needed extra time to lớn knock out Serbia & two-time champions Spain (coming back from two goals down) before pipping Kazakhstan on penalties. Argentina, who knocked out Football Union of Russia* in the last-eight rematch of the 2016 final, defeated Brazil 2-1 to lớn book their spot in the decider.

Ricardinho was named player of the tournamentFIFA via Getty Images
Kazakhstan, who lượt thích Portugal, came back from two down to lớn win their quarter-final, against Iran, ended fourth after losing 4-2 lớn Brazil for third place. Lithuania, staging the ninth edition after postponement from 2020, fell in the group stage on their major tournament debut. All six other European teams made the round of 16, where Serbia fell to Portugal & the Czech Republic lost khổng lồ Spain.

*Football Union of Russia, being the thành viên association of the Russian Federation. In accordance with the World Anti-Doping Code and a December 2020 decision by the Court of Arbitration for Sport, this team participated in the FIFA Futsal World Cup Lithuania 2021 as neutral athletes of its national sports federation.

Futsal euro 2022: Netherlands, 19 January to 6 February

Knockout phase

Final3 October: Argentina 1-2 Portugal (Kaunas)

Third place match3 October: Brazil 4-2 Kazakhstan (Kaunas)

Semi-finals30 September: Portugal 2-2aet, 4-3pens Kazakhstan (Kaunas)29 September: Brazil 1-2 Argentina (Kaunas)

Quarter-finals27 September: Spain 2-4aet Portugal (Vilnius)27 September: Iran 2-3 Kazakhstan (Kaunas)26 September: Morocco 0-1 Brazil (Vilnius)26 September: Football Union of Russia 1-1aet, 4-5pens Argentina (Kaunas)

Round of 16

Kazakhstan celebrate reaching their first World Cup quarter-finalFIFA via Getty Images
24 September: Uzbekistan 8-9 Iran (Vilnius)24 September: Portugal 4-3aet Serbia (Kaunas)24 September: Spain 5-2 Czech Republic (Vilnius)23 September: Kazakhstan 7-0 vương quốc của nụ cười (Kaunas)23 September: Argentina 6-1 Paraguay (Vilnius)23 September: Brazil 4-2 nhật bản (Kaunas)22 September: Football Union of Russia 3-2 Vietnam (Vilnius)22 September: Venezuela 2-3 Morocco (Kaunas)

Group stage

Group A: Kazakhstan (through), Venezuela (debut, through), Costa Rica, Lithuania (hosts, debut)

12 September: Kazakhstan 6-1 Costa Rica (Kaunas), Lithuania 1-2 Venezuela (Kaunas)15 September: Costa Rica 0-1 Venezuela (Kaunas), Lithuania 0-3 Kazakhstan (Kaunas)18 September: Costa Rica 6-2 Lithuania (Kaunas), Venezuela đối kháng Kazakhstan (Vilnius)

Group B: Football Union of Russia (through), Uzbekistan (through), Guatemala, Egypt

12 September: Football Union of Russia 9-0 Egypt (Vilnius), Uzbekistan 4-5 Guatemala (Vilnius)15 September: Egypt 6-3 Guatemala (Vilnius), Uzbekistan 2-4 Football Union of Russia (Vilnius)18 September: Egypt 1-2 Uzbekistan (Vilnius), Guatemala 1-4 Football Union of Russia (Kaunas)

Group C: Portugal (through), Morocco (through), đất nước thái lan (through), Solomon Islands

13 September: Morocco 6-0 Solomon Islands (Kaunas), xứ sở nụ cười thái lan 1-4 Portugal (Kaunas)16 September: Solomon Islands 0-7 Portugal (Kaunas), thái lan 1-1 Morocco (Kaunas)19 September: Solomon Islands 4-9 đất nước thái lan (Kaunas), Portugal 3-3 Morocco (Klaipėda)

Lukáš Rešetár's late equaliser against Vietnam ensured Czech progressFIFA via Getty Images
Group D: Brazil (through), Czech Republic (through), Vietnam (through), Panama

13 September: Vietnam 1-9 Brazil (Klaipėda), Panama 1-5 Czech Republic (Klaipėda)16 September: Brazil 4-0 Czech Republic (Klaipėda), Panama 2-3 Vietnam (Klaipėda)19 September: Brazil 5-1 Panama (Klaipėda), Czech Republic đối kháng Vietnam (Kaunas)

Group E: Spain (through), Paraguay (through), nhật bản (through), Angola (debut)

14 September: Paraguay 0-4 Spain (Klaipėda), Angola 4-8 japan (Klaipėda)17 September: Spain 4-2 japan (Klaipėda), Angola 1-4 Paraguay (Klaipėda)20 September: Spain 4-1 Angola (Klaipėda), japan 1-2 Paraguay (Vilnius)

Group F: Argentina (holders, through), Iran (through), Serbia (through), United States

14 September: Serbia 2-3 Iran (Vilnius), Argentina 11-0 United States (Vilnius)17 September: Iran 4-2 United States (Vilnius), Argentina 4-2 Serbia (Vilnius)20 September: Iran 1-2 Argentina (Vilnius), United States 0-7 Serbia (Klaipėda)

Serbia beat the US khổng lồ go throughFIFA via Getty Images
The vị trí cao nhất two in each group và the four best third-place teams advanced lớn the knockout phase.


Kaunas ArenaVilnius ArenaKlaipėda Arena

World Cup roll of honour

2021: Portugal 2-1 Argentina (Kaunas)2016: Argentina 5-4 Russia (Colombia)2012: Brazil 3-2 aet Spain (Thailand)2008: Brazil 2-2, 4-3 pens Spain (Brazil)2004: Spain 2-1 Italy (Chinese Taipei)2000: Spain 4-3 Brazil (Guatemala)1996: Brazil 6-4 Spain (Spain)1992: Brazil 4-1 United States (Hong Kong)1989: Brazil 2-1 Netherlands (Netherlands)

European contenders


How they qualified: Main round Group 8 runners-up, Elite round Group D runners-up, Play-off vs Croatia D2-2agg aet W6-5pensPrevious World Cup appearances: 3Previous World Cup best: second group stage (2004)Futsal euro best: third place (2003, 2010)


How they qualified: Main round Group 5 winners, Elite round Group D winnersPrevious World Cup appearances: 2Previous World Cup best: round of 16 (2016)Futsal euro best: third place (2016)


How they qualified: hostsPrevious World Cup appearances: 0Futsal euro best: never qualified

European champions Portugal celebrate qualifyingAndré Sanano/FPF

How they qualified: Main round Group 8 winners, Elite round Group A winnersPrevious World Cup appearances: 5Previous World Cup best: third place (2000)Futsal euro best: winners (2018)


How they qualified: Main round Group 7 winners, Elite round Group C winnersPrevious World Cup appearances: 6Previous World Cup best: runners-up (2016)Futsal euro best: winners (2001)


How they qualified: Main round Group 6 winners, Elite round Group B runners-up, Play-off vs Finland W6-5aggPrevious World Cup appearances: 1Previous World Cup best: round of 16 (2012)Futsal triệu euro best: fourth place (2016)

Spain won their second title in 2004AFP via Getty Images

How they qualified: Main round Group 1 winners, Elite round Group B winnersPrevious World Cup appearances: 8 (maximum)Previous World Cup best: winners (2000, 2004)Futsal triệu euro best: winners (1996, 2001, 2005, 2007, 2010, 2012, 2016)