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“Banh mi” - Vietnamese bread. One of the most popular street foods in Vietnam. Saigon will bring you countless bread vendors selling a huge number of banh mi’s variations. Banh mày has grown up with anyone’s childhood, bread for breakfast, bread for main meal. It is convenient to sit down and taste it or easily lớn grab one on your way. Spending your days wandering from tourist Boulevard khổng lồ local streets, from alleys lớn corners all over around, grab a baguette with a delicious selection of ingredients fillings. 


Bánh mì Huỳnh Hoa


Huynh Hoa Banh mày is located at 26 Le Thi Rieng Street, District 1. Queue up for one of the best Banh mày in town. A fully loaded bánh mỳ made with crispy bread filled with greens và a choice of fillings, including pork paté, butter, several kinds of Vietnamese ham, pickled carrots, cucumber, & coriander. It has become famous for tourists and a must-have in Saigon travel bucket list. Check it out and tell me if it is worth the wait?


Banh ngươi Huynh Hoa, 26 Le Thi Rieng Street, District 1, Ho bỏ ra Minh City.

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Bánh mì thịt con heo luộc (Slow Cooker Vietnamese Pulled Pork Banh Mi)


Pulled pork banh ngươi is properly not a traditional version of Vietnamese baguette, but it’s one of the favorite versions of ‘banh mi’ to tìm kiếm for breakfast. Inspired by Southern style, the bread is filled with boiled pork và seasoned in the Chinese style. The filling of bacon inside the soft-boiled bread has an eye-catching shrimp-brick red color, accompanied by vegetables and cucumbers và topped with a creamy sauce of fried garlic. The recipe is well-rated by locals through its strong và well-balanced flavor, which properly pleases any discerning palates. Here are 2 recommended addresses: Tam Cau (District 10) and Bay Ho (District 1), which is well-known in the đô thị with this famous boiled pork sandwich.



Bánh mì Tám Cẩu, 460 Dien Bien Phu Street, District 10, Ho đưa ra Minh City.

Bánh mì Bảy Hổ, 19 Huynh Khuong Ninh, District 1, Ho bỏ ra Minh City.


Bánh mì chả thập cẩm (Mixed Vietnamese tê mê Banh mi)


Throughout decades, traditional banh mày has been sold at 119 Hai bố Trung Street, District 3 by an original Northern grandpa. It does not contain paté or pickles, the only 3 main ingredients are đam mê from beef, pork, và pork skin then lighten it up by salt và pepper or soy sauce. The interesting thing about his stall is that the food is covered by banana leaf and placed on a tray put on a small chair on the sidewalk.

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Bánh mì phá lấu (Organ Meats Stew Banh mi)



Originating from Chinese cuisine, ‘Pha Lau’ is widely adopted in Vietnam, often mentioned as popular street food in the Southern part of the country, especially in Ho bỏ ra Minh city. Khổng lồ enhance the flavors and diversify ‘banh mi’ recipes, street vendors introduced the new idea of putting ingredients of ‘pha lau’ into the middle of the loaf. District 5 is where you may effortlessly tìm kiếm for this delicious sandwich, & one of the suggested addresses is Tam Ky restaurant on Nguyen Trai Street

Bánh mì thô bò (Beef Jerky bánh mì)


Similar khổng lồ ‘pulled pork’ above, beef jerky banh mày is obviously another varied version of the Vietnamese original. Beef jerky has always been locals’ beloved snack, the ‘banh mì’ vendor at domain authority Kao market had come up with a creative idea of eating this snack with bread. This pretty weird recipe actually catches local foodies’ attention. The sandwich features various flavors - beef jerky with strong seasonings, spicy sriracha mayo, và a light fragrance of garnished fresh cilantro.0


Bánh mì bì (Shredded Pork Skin Banh mi)

Shredded pork skin is known as "bì" in Vietnamese. You will find it in many dishes of Vietnamese food, especially broken rice, noodles. The locals wouldn"t miss it out - banh mi. They showroom "bì" into banh mi, and of course pickle, veggie drill on the sweet & sour sauce. Thinly shredded pork skin gives it a chewy texture and is coated with roasted rice powder. The balance of taste và texture create one of the divine street foods. From the 90"s, a shredded pork skin banh mày vendor was established with a good reputation at 150 Nguyen Trai Street, District 1


Bánh mì heo con quay (Crispy Pork Belly Banh Mi)


How much crispiness is too much crispiness?


If you"re a tín đồ of roasted pork until you hear the cracking sound from the skin when you chop it into slices. Thick slices of roasted pork belly with ultra-tender bling, ultra-crispy pork crackling and shining from the fat burned out, stuff in a crusty loaf going with cucumber, pickle, and veggie. One of the stars is the gravy made from drippings. This variation of banh ngươi is expanded along the streets from No Trang Long, Binh Thanh District, to Phuc nhì - Nguyen Thuong Hien Street, District 3 that is always crowded. We are not overrating it! Give this sandwich a try & you may reconsider.

Bánh mì chả cá (Fish cake banh mi)


Fish cakes, originated in Nha Trang beach city, have also made their way into bánh mì. The yummy fish cakes are seasoned with beach flavor, fried to lớn chewiness, topped with coriander. Fish cake filling in a load of Banh mi should be combined with picked, crunchy cucumber slices, & chilli soy sauce. The funny thing is, fish cake banh mày comes from Vung Tau City and immigrated lớn Saigon which has earned a special place among Southerners. The junction of Luong Huu Khanh Street and Bui Thi Xuan Street, District 1 is one of the famous spots for fishy bread.


Bánh mì làm thịt nướng (Barbeque grills banh mi)

A signature banh mày stall in the downtown area where crowds surround a lady with a smoky pushcart located in the alley at 37 Nguyen Trai Street in District 5.


Pork is coal-grilled in a round shape with the aroma from dry herb seasoning and traditional flavor that create a fragrant, slight burn served in a baguette. Barbeque grills fill the air with the sweet smell of meat balls remaining juicy, that you have to lớn say "give me 2 loaves of bread"!


Bánh mì chảo (Sizzling pan banh mi)


A small iron pan with the hot oil splatter from bubbling sunny side up egg, some paté, jambon, caramelized onion, or a slice of beef (if you want it fancy). Somehow, Vietnamese found out that sizzling steak is a brilliant companion lớn a loaf of bánh mì. See, adding a teaspoon of soy sauce, grab an oven-baked banh mi và turn it into a colorful & full portion for a proper meal. Serving with a veggie to lớn reduce the oily, & don"t forget to lớn dodge the sizzling from the hot pan. It is typically for breakfast and dinner in Saigon. One of the old restaurants is Hoa Ma (since 1958) located at 53 Cao Thang Street, District 3.